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Fire Safety Services

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is the first and most successful key to fighting fires.

  • Poor and uncleaned areas that are regularly used by staff.
  • Under stairs and access-ways, under mezzanine or generally where dust and debris can gather unchecked.
  • Unenforced smoking policies.
  • Unsafe storage of flammable materials near a high-risk area.
  • Faulty or poorly maintained electrical equipment.

These are but a few of the many potential mediums for fire that are in your factory, offices or shops. At Fire Action we are trained to recognize the potential hazards that can destroy your business in a matter of a few hours. We will visit your premises and advise you on the current risks that you, your staff and your business may face.

The assessment will be informal and only take a few hours. We will then report our findings to you and advise what measures should be taken to safeguard your premises.

Before you think that you're too busy to have an assessment, remember that a fire can destroy your business and your staff's lives in a moment. Don't let your workload put you out of work.

Fire Detection

It is vital that, if a fire does occur, it is detected in its earliest stages in order to minimise damage to lives and property.

For this reason Fire Action will fit and maintain:-

  • Both conventional and analogue-addressable systems.
  • Smoke, heat and multi sensor detectors. (including intrinsically safe).
  • Infra-red detection and air sampling. (Aspirating) devices.
  • Gas suppression for high risk areas (various different mediums).
  • Reporting of alarms.
  • Linking of systems to access control, ventilation and audio evacuation systems for automatic control.

We also service existing fire detection systems annually and train you and your managers on the correct operation and maintenance checks that need to be carried out.

Fire Action takes great care to ensure that all work is carried out strictly in accordance with SABS 0139 Part 1 standards and to Local Authorities Specifications.


If, despite all efforts, a fire has started to take hold and burn at your premises, containment of the risk is crucial. At Fire Action we manufacture fire retardant doors and paneling to contain the blaze, buying you and your staff valuable time to properly implement evacuation procedures.

These fire doors are installed at all fire exits according to National Building Regulations (SABS 400) and they fall into four classes. The correct ones for your needs would be determined by the outcome of your free fire risk assessment.

Where do I need fire doors and panelling?
According to the SABS 0400 National Buidings Regulations, fire doors are required in feeder routes and emergency routes.

What are feeder and emergency routes?
These are routes taken in the event of any emergency to the closest fire exit leading to ground level open air assembly area which in turn leads to the street or public place.

Do I need fire doors?
Fire doors are to be installed at all fire exits according to National Building Regulations SABS 0400. These doors fall into four classes depending on the risk assessment of the premises. They have been designed to contain fires in an emergency and to allow personnel to exit the building safely along the designated exit routes.

Remember: Make sure that doors are fireproof, your business isn't.

Fire Fighting

Fire Action supplies and fits a variety of fire fighting devices according to your specific businesses requirements. This ranges from the four types of fire extinguishers through to fire hoses and sprinkler systems.

In addition to having the correct equipment, well maintained and at strategic, easily accessible points, it is also critical that staff know exactly how to correctly use this equipment.

Full training in all aspects of fire fighting and fire safety is available via fully accredited training programmes. For more information on fire safety training, please visit our training page

To determine which fire fighting equipment is suitable for the different types of materials and fires, please read through our fire safety products page.

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